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Technoprint Printing, Packaging and Advertising Exhibit

TECHNOPRINT is the largest exhibit for printing, packaging and advertising industries ever held in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.TECHNOPRINT was first organized in 2006, with gross area of about 4,000 m2 in Hall 4 only in the CICC (Cairo International Convention Center).Because of the overwhelming attendance the hall was fully occupied,and the great success achieved for both exhibitors and visitors, organizers of TECHNOPRINT planned to make it a biannual exhibition and worked harder to maximize the size and the success achieved in 2006. In 2007 everything was extended including the days of the exhibit to five days instead of four, the exhibition area was extendedto all CICC halls1,2,3 and 4, having gross area of 12,500 m2.Another success story was created in 2007 with a huge exposure; The organizers are committed to keep up the standards of success achieved in 2009.

2009 was a different year, two TECHNOPRINT exhibitions have taken place that year, and a survey was done by the organizers among the Egyptian Exhibitors to go international in one of the neighboring countries that is considered a target market for those Egyptian companies. TECHNOPRINT organizers decided to organize TECHNOPRINT Sudan 2009, over a space of 6,000M2 and more than 150 Egyptian exhibitors.Many contracts have been signed between the exhibitors and Sudanese companies in business cooperation, giving a new horizon to TECHNOPRINT as a successful event whether held in Egypt or outside Egypt.

TECHNOPRINT Egypt 2009 has taken its place among the continued successes that have been achieved in earlier editions.

In 2010 an agreement of cooperation has been signed between TECHNOPRINT organizers and WAHA Expo in Libya, the organizers of TIFA exhibition to merge the two exhibitions together this year to be TIFA TECHNOPRINT, with more than 50 exhibitors over a space of 1500 M2 has exhibited all the products in Libya.

TECHNOPRINT Organizers continue to work on improving and developing their event, to keep the leadership and introduce all the new tools and updates to keep TECHNOPRINT always ahead.
Techno Print Organizers:

Printing Industries Coop” TAG

Mr. Ahmed Atef Abd El Rahman
Chairman of The Board of Directories Of Printing Industries CO-OP

Mr. Ahmed Zoheir Mostafa
Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) Of Printing Industies CO-OP

Mr. Khaled Abd El Aziz Morsy
Vice President Of Printing Industries CO-OP
Brief about the Association:
The association was established in 2006 under the umbrella of the Federation of Productive Cooperation in accordance with the provisions of law no. 110 of 1975. Association members are the owners of printing houses, and companies in the printing industry field in Egypt.
The Association Goals:

    Create work opportunities for members.
    Distribute the association work among the members to do it.
    Develop the industrys service level to reach the best performance.
    Offer technical guidelines to improve and develop the work level as well as spread the technical information among the members.
    Offer credit options and accept deposits to implement related work.
    Import equipments, materials, printing machines and spare parts.
    Export the products of the members printing houses to the international market.
    Establish and organize specialized conferences and fairs in the printing field.